Daniel's Home Page

Hey there,

my name is Daniel Fuehrer and I'm the owner of a small web agency that offers domain management and other internet services.

Besides software development I'm interested in meteorology and especially numerical weather prediction. For this reason I'm currently spending most of my time on my latest project wetterdienst.de. It was started with the intention to provide reliable forecasts as well as professional weather-related services.

I'm also the author of lite, a template engine for PHP on which most of my sites (including wetterdienst.de) are based. It is small, easy to use and optimized for high performance. You can grab the code at Github (it's released in the hope that it will be useful).

More stuff to come soon (after a code clean-up ;-)

If you have any questions just drop me a line at daniel[at]network.de. You can also find me on Xing and Facebook.